A History of Excellence

Our team has a history of supporting seriously injured accident survivors. As we worked with care teams and clients, we saw the gaping hole in strategic tracking to meet the client's goals. We know that each case is different and requires and unique set of services and interventions.

We started to imagine a client and their family able to structure every step to reach their care goals in one place--with the ability to share that data with caregivers and their legal team. Intimately aware of the complexity of managing rehab through insurance programs and legal battles, we thought: "Wouldn't it be great if we could track every intervention? And what if we could transfer that information between the client, the care team, and the legal team?"

Located in Waterloo gave us key connections to amazing software engineers and developers. We brought the case care knowledge and they built the systems that would implement excellence in tracking care.

The journey to launch Alytx has been an exciting exploration of the power of real-time data on a simple tool we carry with us every day: our smartphone.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between research and recovery.

Founded and led by Jean Taylor, based in Kitchener/Waterloo, Alytx captures objective data through the day-to-day delivery of rehabilitation services. It helps teams achieve fair and better outcomes for serious injury survivors.

& Founder

Jean Taylor

B.Sc (Hons. Kin)
The Visionary 

Jean Taylor founded Key Metrix to bridge the gap between research and recovery. Led by a dynamic team with decades of hands-on experience in rehabilitation counseling and public sector health management, she saw first-hand the complexity and challenges faced by individuals with life-altering injuries and their families.


Vice President Applied Informatics & Operations

Alicia White

B.Sc (Hons Kin.)
The Wayfinder

Alicia White has 10 years of Case Management and rehabilitation experience as a Registered Kinesiologist providing services to various populations including individuals with concussions or individuals suffering from cognitive, functional and behavioural impairments, chronic pain, complex orthopedic and soft tissue injuries.


Nurse Case Manager

Krista Gawne


Krista Gawne is a Nurse Case Manager at Key Rehab Services Inc. and provides Case Management and Nursing services for individuals with serious impairments. She graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing with Honours Cum Laude from York University, Toronto in 2006. 


Design Analyst

Naila Ayala

The Innovator

As a Design Analyst, Naila Ayala manages our team of data analysts who gather, analyze, and report data related to our Alytx Rehab Intelligence Platform. This includes both internal and external data. Naila is responsible for the creation and guidance of analyst teams as they work on special projects and daily tasks. 


Data Management

Navam Vig

The Collector

As the Data Management Clerk, Navam Vig assists our team with data input and managing our Alytx databases. She is responsible for reviewing the data for errors or redundancies ensuring efficient data output. Navam assists with the generation of reports, managing the database, and performing data backup and security.