Applying Data to Improve Health Care


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Empowering data-driven rehabilitation outcomes

Our mission at Alytx is to revolutionize healthcare by harnessing cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes, enhance accessibility, and streamline medical processes. Through our innovative solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, empowering healthcare providers to deliver superior patient-centric care. We remain committed to constant learning and growth, shaping a healthier and smarter future for all.

Capture data at the point of care delivery  

Alytx mobile allows clients, family members or front line support workers to collect data on a client’s activities, behaviours, symptoms and independence levels on any mobile device in real-time.




Healthcare Data Intelligence Platform

Alytx ensures the patient is at the centre of care. A powerful yet simple to use integrated software platform that delivers solutions for Medical/Rehab Providers, Funders, and Agencies. 

 Data in Real Time  PHIPA/PIPEDA Compliant
Trend Reporting & Analysis Secure Cloud Data Storage
GPS Safety Features & Alerts  Data Custodian

Alytx Informs Care Decisions

Improved patient outcomes based on personalized data not just opinions

I'm a patient. Why do I need Alytx?

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I'm a part of the care team. How will Alytx simplify the coordination of care services?

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I'm a part of the client's med/legal team. How is Alytx essential to my team?

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"Knowing we are supported by data – in real time – made a huge difference. Alytx informed our care."

Visualize data 

Reach target goals

Digital documentation 

Track progress

Input on any mobile device



Bringing informed decision-making to community based health care and rehab.


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