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Alytx helps track care in real-time

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Alytx eliminates the subjective narrative by empowering any care team to make important funding and care decisions based on real-time, objective data.

  • Brings value to community-based care because data is shared with the entire care team


  • Set goals, track treatment and better align with the client's health and recovery objectives empowers the care team to make important decisions based on real-time evidence


Accurate collection of real-time data informs the treatment team and gives an evidence-based ability to adjust programming

Allows supervising health teams to have a streamlined view of their client's objectives, treatment and progress

Simple, visualized reports based on objective, on-site data eliminates the need for lengthy narrative notes saving time and money

The secure platform customized treatment and synchronizes care around common goals

Front-line team's interaction data on their daily support session simplifies the communication pathway for multiple-providers

Key Metrix uses Alytx to empower

Nurse Case Management

Our Nurse Case Manager can advocate for health-related concerns and complete a nursing assessment 


Nursing Care Plans

A care plan helps to identify potential risks and needs of the client using the medical records, after a detailed health assessment with the client

Nursing Navigation

 Our providers use data collected in Alytx to navigate the medical system and collaborate with therapy providers

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Harness the Power of Objective Data

Alytx empowers treatment teams and care partners to track and monitor every client. This powerful software collects daily care data, producing key reports for client care, recovery progress and care goals.

1. A unique custom dashboard

The technology empowers caregivers to input optimum care and recovery strategies. Once entered the custom dashboard tracks and reports on daily activity. The dynamic data transforms care by providing objective insights for ongoing care strategies.

2. Real-time information

Every activity is time and GPS stamped, tracking every activity. Care-givers track their activity on a secure app, the technology uses validity measures to produce accurate, real-time reports.

3. Visualized Care Reports

Progress insights drawn from care worker data is displayed clearly in visual graphs and charts, helping family, caregivers and the legal team to understand ongoing care and progress at a glance.

4. Capture Care Trends

Track recovery by using objective evidence of needs based on multiple care points gathered over time to inform treatment decisions.